Rodsley Pilgrimage 2014 – write up


Although threatened by horrendous thunderstorms and an extremely busy Diocesan Weekend the Annual Pilgrimage to Rodsley, the birthplace of Saint Ralph Sherwin, one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales, went ahead, with a “full Barn” for Mass.

The Homily was given by Canon Alan Burbidge, Saint Georges, Derby, the theme of which was “The way of the Cross” chronicling Saint Ralphs career, emphasising why Jesus needs to be alive to us all.

He described how Saint Ralph underwent the most hideous of tortures in an effort to break his Faith whilst at the same time experiencing the joy of suffering.

Father Alan also went on to say how Saint Ralph was a clever person and it must have been some form of disappointment to his parents when he elected to  pursue the path of Priesthood rather than that of many other professions he could have chosen.

The day ended with much socialising after Mass, smiling happy faces, the usual huge success.

Furthermore, not one drop of rain!

Tony Bennett | President of the Sherwin Society

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