Saint Ralph Sherwin


The text below is from the plaque at Rodsley commissioned by the Sherwin Society:

Born in Rodsley AD 1550. Scholar at Eton 1563-67. Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, July 1568. B.A. 1571, M.A. 1574. Entered Douai College, France, July 1575. Ordained a priest in cambrai for the English diocese of Lichfield, 23rd March 1577. Studied at the Venerable English College Rome, September 1577-April 1580. Proceeded to London and served zealously as a missionary priest but was arrested when preaching at the house of his friend Nicholas Roscarrock and imprisoned 4th November 1580 at the Marshalsea Jail. Transferred to the Tower 4th December 1580 where he thrice suffered the rack. Charged with high treason before the King’s bench bar and sentenced to death 20th November 1581. SS. Edmund Campion, S.J. Ralph Sherwin and Alexander Briant were executed in succession at Tyburn, London on 1st December 1581. They were among the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales who were canonised at St. Peter’s, Rome on 25th October 1970.

“No one is a martyr for a conclusion, no one is a martyr for an opinion, it is faith that makes martyrs.”

– Blessed John Henry Newman

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